Antwerp Diamonds are the most famous in the world and Ajediam has been offering top quality diamonds and diamond jewelry at wholesale prices for 25 years

Ajediam, the famous International Diamond Company, is located in Antwerp, in World’s major Diamond Exchange, where there is an annual turnover of $56 billion USD. We are worldwide supplier to many countries Select Language.
We offer low wholesale prices with top quality because we buy rough diamonds at the mines, the direct source, and offer factory cutting, polishing prices.
Buying diamonds and engagement rings at the source will save you money because we get them direct from the source – the mines. Choose a diamond jewelry from our collection or custom design your perfect fine jewelry. Our Master Goldsmith will assist you in choosing diamonds and jewellery from a large collection of gold and platinum handmade settings.
Select beautiful diamonds at wholesale prices. They range from white to fancy color diamonds and are cut into all shapes. 
brilliant diamondHeart_diamondPINK_diamond_Radiant_200_x_200square diamond
With Ajediam, we offer guarantees that you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Internationally certified diamonds of finest quality at huge discounts
  • 5 year warranty
  • FREE 5 years annual care service
  • FREE shipping and delivery
  • 48-hour delivery wordwide by FedEx
  • Lifetime buyback guarantee for diamonds

engagement ringwedding ringmillionaire ring

Engagement            Wedding             Millionaire Custom

Solitaire rings | Engagement diamonds | Anniversary rings | Emerald rings | Sapphire rings |Ruby rings | Black diamond rings | Men’s rings |Ring size chart Famous Fashion Houses

Ajediam is just 5 steps upstream from normal buying process for individuals:

  1. Mining companies are suppliers to Ajediam, accredited Diamond Company, in Antwerp Diamond Exchange

  2. Ajediam Diamond Manufacturers, Cutters, Polishers are suppliers to traders, wholesalers, dealers, brokers

  3. Wholesalers, traders, dealers, brokers sell to jewelry manufacturers,

  4. Jewelry manufacturers sell to jewelry wholesalers,

  5. Jewelry wholesalers sell to retail jewelers,

  6. Retail jewelers sell to individuals.
25 years of Excellence                                  Consult our diamond buying guide!   
If you would like to visit us for an exclusive viewing of diamonds and purchasing at wholesale the diamond of your choice, you are welcome to make an appointment. Please visit us in Antwerp, no purchase limit. 
Entrance for Invites only. For your invitation please Email or call Tel: +32 3 233 29 90

If you cannot come to Antwerp, buy on online as a trader and get the same approved exclusive services and guarantees and Tax Free Export at verified wholesale prices!
As members of the Diamond Exchange, Antwerpsche Diamantkring, and the World Federation of Diamond Bourses we operate in an arbitrated
and safe environment. Reliability and responsibility is what makes Ajediam a successful business choice since more than 25 Years.

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